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Learning for Business

Investing in staff training encourages employee engagement and motivation, yet costs time and money - luxuries many businesses simply cannot afford. With increased budget cuts and time constraints, how can organisations deliver training effectively? UKLC explores the Benefits of distance learning and how this can offer a valuable solution to both employers and employees.

Without doubt, one of the main advantages of distance learning is the significantly enhanced level of flexibility.

Where professional, vocational qualifications are concerned, the alternative to distance learning is usually an evening or weekend course at a local further education college. However, attending regular classes can test the commitment of even the most dedicated employee, particularly one who has already spent a full day at work and no doubt has other personal demands on their time.

Distance learning can be fitted around existing responsibilities, allowing people to choose their hours and maintain a healthy family and social life, which is a strong selling point for many employees.

Similarly, distance learning isn’t tied to academic term dates – which might mean waiting almost a whole year should an enrolment deadline be missed – so you can strike while the iron is hot and start training your workforce immediately. Travel expenses are also reduced, representing a valuable cost saving.

  • You staff will study in the most diverse, global and innovative environment using cutting edge technology
  • Gain access to a single unique learning portal that meets all your learning needs
  • Personalised approach for Corporates is adopted.
  • The progress of your employees is closely monitored and they will be supported by our dedicated academic team

Call and speak to an Account Manager at 0800 009 6249 who will work with you to help your business grow.

  • Innovative learning materials – including online materials, DVDs and podcasts so that your staff can study in a flexible way – at home, at work or on the move.
  • Supported learning – Multimedia materials are provided alongside a course calendar with deadlines to complete readings, assignments and/or exams. All students are assigned to a tutor group for support. Many courses offer some face to face tutorials and on line forums to enhance collaboration and support for assignments and exams.
  • Skills development and employee motivation – courses not only develop specific employee skills but also earn “credits” which can count towards a wider qualification – balancing the skills needs of the organisation with the long term aspirations of the employee.

When it comes to learning and development, one size doesn’t fit all. At UKLC we put listening before offering learning solutions.

To get to the heart of your customised training requirements, we spend time understanding your unique challenges and company culture. Then, by identifying the skills, knowledge and behavioural changes needed to optimise business performance, we build bespoke training solutions that impact on practice profoundly and immediately.

Our tailor-made courses can:

  • develop and retain talent through customised training without the expense of recruitment
  • upgrade and update professional skills specifically relevant to your organisation to hone competencies and competitiveness
  • resolve a variety of business critical issues through bespoke training courses for managers

UKLC offers an outstanding range of Distance Learning Courses to help you make the most of your organisation’s professional development.

Why add value to your employee development strategy?

Your employees are the most valuable capital resource in your organisation. The more you appreciate the value of their learning and development, the more their value appreciates. It’s not a simple matter of selecting a course relevant to each grade or unit, qualifications need to be complemented with a holistic approach to employee development services.

The complexity of your staff’s professional needs and the unique circumstances of your organisation demand a flexible and sophisticated approach to learning and development. Our offer in employee development services is holistic. Off-the-shelf  courses covering a wide spectrum of professional skills needs is backed by a range of added value services that echo our expertise, scale and reach.

Find out more about our variety of distance learning courses available for your Business.

To find out how we can match our service and solutions to your precise training needs, Contact Us, Or Call and speak to an Account Manager at 0800 009 6249 who will work with you to help your business grow.

UK Learning College gives you the opportunity to gain qualifications to help you in your current role or get that all-important promotion. Our courses are flexible and you can set your own hours and pace of study. An increasing number of us are discontented in our current roles and wish to progress further in our careers, but when we are working it is difficult to find the time to re-train. Our courses offer you the opportunity to do this with the help of online resources and tutor support.

We have the ideal solution for you. Our courses are split into bite-size sections and are the perfect solution for getting your existing staff some more qualifications. You will be able to hold onto valued members of your workforce instead of replacing them. They can study in their free time and even at work which means the pace of the work and hours they dedicate to the course are extremely flexible and can easily fit around busy work schedules.

UK Learning College tries to help those who are facing redundancy. Instead of feeling demoralised, why not take one of our courses and learn new skills and give yourself a new lease of life. The confidence you feel upon completing the course will help you go into job interviews and sell yourself better. Our students find that taking the next step towards a new career is an exciting and empowering feeling and one which often means a better paid job and more fullfilling work-life lies ahead.

If you have the knowledge but wish to gain a formally recognised qualification, we have the solution for you. We have courses which are fully accredited by various UK awarding bodies and can provide you with the necessary skills to gain these qualifications. The courses can be completed in your free time and may help you get noticed in your existing employment or headhunted by a rival company.

Yes. We do not only sell to individuals, we allow companies to purchase courses on behalf of their staff and can arrange for the materials to be sent directly to the company or to the Student’s Postal address. We offer affordable prices and excellent quality courses. You can contact us and Request An Invoice.

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