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This course is for everyone with responsibility for directing, managing, supporting or influencing team members or other work colleagues.

In this course the student will learn about Assertiveness and why it is important to develop Assertiveness skills in today’s world.

Assertiveness and the skills associated with it are increasing in popularity because:

  • There has been an increase in individual freedom
  • It empowers people and organisations that use it
  • It encourages psychological health in individuals
  • In less hierarchical work structures, managing by rank alone is no longer effective
  • More competition for resources makes it necessary for individuals to pursue what they want

Also, in assertiveness we balance the needs of others with our own. We treat others as we wish to be treated. When necessary we can choose whether to give priority to the needs of others or choose to give greater consideration to our own needs.

Course Curriculum

Introduction Details 00:35:00
Behaviour Types
Behaviour Types Details 01:30:00
Rights and Responsibilities
Rights and Responsibilities Details 01:20:00
Assertiveness Skills
Assertiveness Skills Details 02:00:00
Activities Details 01:25:00

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