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I need a Training Course

for My Business

Online training courses provide the flexibility for employees to
study in modular, bitesize chunks, which can be studied around
the needs of a dynamic, unpredictable workforce. Employers
can take advantage of skills and support that may not exist
in the organisation, reaping benefits in improved staff
retention, engagement, and output.

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I want an Accredited


With accreditations from the most significant awarding
bodies in the industry, you can be sure that you're
studying towards a valuable, recognised qualification.
We'll describe how each course compares against
national standards, so you can be sure that both your
subject and level of achievement suit your goals.

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Our Solutions

See how CLAZMA.COM can help you?

It's Free for students to register and start using our platform, you can then enrol on any of our courses or be invited by an organisation to take part.
Instructor, Tutor or Teacher
From a school teacher, fitness instructor or a dating doctor, we can provide an innovative platform for you to connect with your students...
Small Business
Whether you're a start up or an established local or family business, if you have less the 50 employees, we can provide a full suite of services from online and live training to help with upskilling, apprenticeships...
Large Business
For larger organisations with more than 50 employees, we offer a robust and comprehensive platform with access to a library of courses, whilst still providing your your own live and online courses for development, onboarding, compliance and security...
Course Providers
If you are a course provider you can upload your courses to our portal for students to enrol and learn directly on our platform or we can simply pass enquires to you as students enquiry...
Nursery, Schools & Colleges
We can help teachers, parents and students all connect with live and online learning, reports and achievements, homework and feedback and extensive online resources...
Registered Charity
This is a FREE service for registered charities to provide live training, webinars, online onboarding or compliance and regulatory training...


Our LMS course module and elements allow easy course and content
creation. You can build interactive content and conduct seamless
training sessions for your employees/students. Create your own online
training library by uploading your training content in the built-in
Content Library and utilise the hundreds of pre-built courses
available for you to


Virtual, Online, Innovative, Course Educator

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Virtual Classroom

Our Virtual Classroom Software is an innovative live virtual classroom, with a real-time online collaboration environment, designed for teaching and training over the internet.You can arrange live online classes and lectures, online meetings, group sessions, individual one-on-one sessions and webinars-all taking place over the web.


Learner Management System

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is specially designed for educators, online schools, universities with online training programs, individual tutors and trainers, companies and businesses who want to deliver and manage content, handle student/employee registrations, online course development, tracking, and assessment of work.


Course Creator

Our Virtual Classroom SofOur Course Creator is an easy way to upload and customise your own content a customised learning portal for your organisation or Brand. Simply login, create an account, upload content and categories it in to sections and chapters to build self-paced learning courses or instructor/trainer led training courses.tware is an innovative live virtual classroom, with a real-time online collaboration environment, designed for teaching and training over the internet.

Tutors, Authors,
Teachers & Instructors
team member
team member
Our Tutors, Authors, Teachers & Instructors

Business, Management & Law School

Our Staff that support this school are seasoned and trained professionals from teaching to senior management in their organisations.
team member
team member
Our Tutors, Authors, Teachers & Instructors

Beauty & Fashion School

The Beauty & Fashion School is one of our fastest growing schools, with the industry booming we have a dedicated highly knowledgable and qualified team.
team member
team member
Our Tutors, Authors, Teachers & Instructors

Teaching & Childcare School

We have an immense talent pool of teachers and child care specialists, working on supporting you through practical work and just general advice.
team member
team member
Our Tutors, Authors, Teachers & Instructors

Health & Social Care School

Our Health & Social Care team have worked extensively in the industry and fully understand the challenges and hard work. They will guide and support you through the service.

Our Course Providers

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